Cincinnati Public School Renewal Levy on the November 6th ballot--issue 42.

"It's just a renewal and it won't raise taxes!"

The Cincinnati Board of Education placed on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot a renewal levy generating $51.5 million for Cincinnati Public Schools. The renewal of current operating revenue would not raise taxes.

In a unanimous vote, the school board approved the resolution “declaring it necessary” to renew the levy for a five-year period that would begin in January 2014.

The resolution authorizes district Treasurer Diana Whitt to certify a copy of the resolution to the Hamilton County auditor at least 95 days prior to the election, as required by law, so that the millage needed to generate the renewal amount can be calculated.

Once the millage is calculated, a second vote by the school board is required to place the renewal on the ballot.

At the school board’s meeting on May 31, Whitt and Ronan warned that, while the district is in a position to balance its budget for next school year, grave financial issues confront CPS that, if not addressed, could threaten the district’s fiscal stability in future years.

The $51.5 million emergency levy is due to expire in December 2013. Combined with an additional emergency levy of $65.2 million due to expire in December 2015, the revenue generated represents more than 25 percent of Cincinnati Public Schools’ General Operating Budget.

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